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The latest hit in today’s society has been the Cryptocurrency. For all of you that still have no idea what Cryptocurrency is, it is the way of paying and owning your own type of money without having a third side (a bank for example) to hold your money and to take provision out of them. This concept has emerged through the years and it made many people rich and successful, as they were able to trade with these types of cryptocurrencies. One of the cryptocurrencies that rose above all the other out there is Bitcoin, followed by Ethereum. The price of Bitcoin has rose more than 15k dollars per single bitcoin which makes it the most expensive cryptocurrency on the market, but this doesn’t stop here! Although its price has started to devalve little by little, it is still unclear whether it will continue to grow. Many indications say so, but all of the other experts are focused on the next cryptocurrency “boom” on the market. One of the most prominent cryptocurrencies available on the market is Zetacoin (ZET), and its features are worth to be mentioned. Zetacoin is a cryptocurrency that has pretty low price on the market if it was to be compared to Bitcoin or Ethereum: $0.01. Its price has been downgraded through the years because of many factors: not enough advertisement through the web media and the cryptocurrency world ; not having enough financial sources to invest in its future ; not covering enough wide areas in the world. The third thing is the most important one, because if you were to buy cryptocurrencies the most important thing you have to know is that it needs to be available in your country. This was the main reason why Bitcoin and Ethereum saw their rise in the dark, and this is also the main reason why cryptocurrencies from the caliber like Zetacoin are not so good in the rising market. But, there has been some interesting quotes and sayings from Zetacoin headquarters, whose owners have claimed that their product is faster than Bitcoin. They didn’t explained what they mean under this term faster, but they surely enough meant something that may catch the investors eye and something that may rise the price of Zetacoin. Although investments directly don’t rise the price, the advertisement by itself can show the people the specifications that this cryptocurrency offers, which is the most important and dominant factor, also the key to making a cryptocurrency successful! But, there has been some rumours going on about Zetacoin and one of them has been that this cryptocurrency made 500% in 2014 in April. This goes to show on that Zetacoin didn’t had many black days in the past, as its price was highly notable during this period among the ones for Cryptr and Nobs. The most important thing about Zetacoin is that it may be low on price, but remember that Bitcoin didn’t costed that much in the past! All it has to do is make a bigger prominence and bigger jump in the next few years by involving different sides in advertising, and in investing in it. The next move could be around the corner so the inventors of this cryptocurrency must follow all of the recommendations they could possibly get to make this one happen!