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Stellar XLM
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Source Code: https://github.com/stellar
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Stellar (XLM) is similar to Ripple but is much more elaborated. On the Stellar platform you can easily launch your own coin or an ICO.

Stellar is based on a consensus protocol pioneered by David Mazières.

How to Buy Stellar Lumens

  1. In Europe you can buy EURT trough Tempo[1] and have them transferred to your Stellar account. From there you can exchange them for Lumens.
  2. Transfer money with a bank transfer to Kraken with your bankaccount and buy Lumens through their new interface available at https://trade.kraken.com/kraken/strbtc
  3. Buy Ether, BCH or LTC at Coinbase with your creditcard (high fees!) and transfer your newly bought coins to an exchange where you can transfer them for Lumens. See also this video explaining you the process.
  4. From Australia you can buy Lumens with fiat using CoinSpot.

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  1. https://tempo.freshdesk.com/support/search/solutions?term=stellar