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What is it?

LBRY is a protocol providing a fully decentralized network for the discovery, distribution, and payment of data. It utilizes the LBRY blockchain as a global namespace and database of digital content. Blockchain entries contain searchable content metadata, identities, and rights and access rules. decentralized market for all digital items and content. It provides a global and censorship resistant platform for content creators to sell their ebooks, art, music, videos etc without the need to pay a middleman. Any content that is uploaded to LBRY network remains accessible to the public as long as the community finds it valuable and continues to host it.

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Official Site


Get Lbry

Community run site

Main GitHub

lbry-app repo


Age: 1yr 3mos || Marketcap: (18 October 2017) $16,890,998 || Marketcap: (Y2050) $161,799,000 || Price: (USD) $0.16 / 18 October 2017 || Price (BTC): 0.00003107BTC || 24hr Change: -6.94% || 24hr Trade Volume: $441,602 || Vladimir Club Cost: $16,180 || ONLINE INFORMATION ABOUT ALTERNATIVE COIN LBC

Supply Snapshot

LBRY Credits created 400 million tokens in the genesis block, allocated between partners and charity. The remaining 600 million tokens are emitted through proof-of-work mining over the following 20 years after genesis. References: LBRY Block Rewards FAQ

About Writer

1. Mr.Yulius Kurniawan Kristianto, A.P.Kom, B.Th aka Chris45 (LBRY Team Member Of Indonesia)

2. Mr.Sawyer Lemmo aka MSFTserver


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