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Envion ICO


Envion claims that it is the world’s most profitable cryptocurrency standard. They intend to make the “smart decentralized blockchain infrastructure.” Their long-term goal is to make highly profitable mining machines which will work inside a shipping container. These containers will be delivered directly to the place where the power required is available, and then all you have to do is plug it into the power source.

The way Envion works

So basically the way Envion works is by delivering shipping containers which have mining rigs inside them. Apparently, these machines are infinitely scalable, and this is because of the low cost and very efficient use of hardware. These containers are plug and play. Therefore, everything is installed inside, some of the attractive features of Envion are:

  • It is very flexible and portable; Since the whole machine is built inside a shipping container, the whole thing can be shipped to anywhere around the globe by using various means of transportation.
  • Special cooling system; Envion has a patented cooling system which is over 40% more efficient than other regular systems.
  • Remotely used; Through the use of 4g network the machines can be accessed and maintained remotely, and all the machines are connected through satellite.
  • Cheaper sources of energy can be used; The price of solar energy is dropping which means any wise investor can hook these machines to solar panels and Envion’s machines can benefit from cheaper sources of energy.

Initial Coin Offering of Envion

To fund the innovative project, Envion is launching an ICO or Initial Coin Offering and while it claims that the return on capital or the yield can be over 155%, a year critics think otherwise. These calculations are projected using their annual token profit. This means if you invest $50,000 in the 5th year your capital will increase to $885,285. There are two types of plans they will have proprietary mining operations (PMO) and third party operations (TPO). The only major difference between these two plans is that in PMO the ownership and investment would be of Envion itself where in the case of TPO the investment and ownership would be of a third party investor. The ICO is planned to take place from the 3rd of December to the 31st of December 2017. The total supply will be of 150 million tokens, and the token holders will get 75% of Envion’s earnings of which they can reinvest 25%. 91% of the fund is going to be invested on the mining machines, and the remaining 9% will be for research and development.

The team behind Envion

Matthias Woestmann is the CEO of Envion, Jonathan Koch is the technology in charge, Felix Krusenbaum is the financial controller, and Jasper Hellmann is the marketing head. Envion calls itself “an innovative Swiss-based blockchain startup from Berlin, Germany.” The ultimate goal of the company is to maximize the value of renewable energy in the most efficient way. The first miner by Envion was launched back in 2015. If things work the way Envion is planning it, then they will make and distribute cheap mining machines built inside shipping containers for customers to take advantage from cheap energy sources.