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Digital coin (DGC): has been invented, as we mentioned, from Litecoin. It is an open-sourced decentralized digital currency encrypted by Scrypt hashing algorithm. The transaction protection and network operability are ensured through constant work of network members computing equipment: miners, who get certain amount of money (generated coins) as a reward for each found block of their work. The good thing about founding a new block is the average time needed for one: it is almost 4 times lower than that of Litecoin which allows for almost instant transaction processing and at the same time it ensures that the production of secondary blockchains is minimized, which is crucial for these types of work. All of the coins were available from the first day of mining, which means that there wasn’t any premine available to receive any coins earlier than it was supposed to. All of the advanced technical properties, principles of openness, continued support and help to the developers have brought to the popularity of Digital coin as well as to the firm launch of this digital currency.

Digital coin was announced in March 18th 2013 from bitcointalk.org. This directly shows that from the very own beginning, Bitcoin is the one that holds responsibility for Digital coin. The starting price for this cryptocurrency was very similar as to the one for Worldcoin. The start has happened 2 days after its announcement, making a firm launch on the market. The big push was made from Bitcoin when in November the same year, they pushed the price from $150 to $1000 per coin. For each block foundation, the reward is 15 coins. The confirmation time for this currency is around 40 seconds and the total amount of coins released from Bitcoin is around 144.5 million, making it one of the high-amountable currencies on the market. Today, its price is falling due to the rise of Bitcoin which means that only one can be successful from that branch, but still, during the very own existence many of the markets and exchangers all around the world were opened. The most important event that happened was the long-awaited opening for CryptoAve.exe that included exchanging Bitcoins and USD.