Current BOINC Whitelist

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This article is about Gridcoin.

The most current Whitelist can be found in the Debug Console using the command "listitem projects"

Mathematics, Computing and Games

[email protected] Solving AX+BY=CZ, a generalization of Fermat's Theorem
Convector 52 bar trus discrete optimization problem
Distributed Data Mining Simulation, Data Analysis and Machine Learning
[email protected] research in discrete mathematics and logic control
Moo!Wrapper Solve RC5-72
[email protected] Research in number theory
[email protected] discrete functions inversion problems, discrete optimization, bio-informatics, etc
Collatz Conjecture Mathematical Conjecture computation
DistrRTgen Distributed RainbowTables
[email protected] Cracking original Enigma messages
[email protected] Lattice sieving step in Number Field Sieve factorization of large integers
Primegrid Search for prime numbers

Physical Science

[email protected] Research in physics and materials science
theSkyNet POGS Astronomy Research
[email protected] Darkmatter/Universe Model Research.
[email protected] Search for spinning neutron (pulsars) stars
Test4Theory Full-fledged LHC event physics simulations
[email protected] Accelerator Physics
[email protected] Asteroid research
[email protected] Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (SETI)
[email protected] Creation of a 3d map of the milkyway
Constellation Various aerospace related sciences and engineering

Biology and Medicine

Almeregrid Human genome mapping
GPUGRID Full-atom molecular simulations of proteins
Malariacontrol Research focusing on the control of Malaria
Najmanovich Research Molecular Recognition and Computational Biology
[email protected] Models protein folding using Anfinsen's dogma
Rioja Science Folding proteins/weather forecasting
[email protected] Molecular docking simulations
SIMAP Similarity matrix of protiens

Multiple Applications

World Community Grid Solve aids, cancer, disease, etc.
[email protected] Brings existing distributed computing projects to the Boinc world using the Boinc Wrapper technology
ibercivis Research in physics, material science and biomedicine
[email protected] Computing resources for scientists at the Chinese Academy of Sciences and other Chinese research institutions

Earth Sciences

ClimatePrediction You've guessed it: climate modelling and prediction
eon Long time dynamics
Leiden Classical Simulations of various molecules and atoms in a classical mechanics environment
[email protected] Distributed radiation detection network

Cognitive Science & Artifical Intelligence

[email protected] Utilize computational cognitive process modeling to better understand the human mind