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CrocodileCash CROC
Launched: August 10, 2017
Source Code:

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Slogan: "Strength in Basking"

CrocodileCash (CROC) is a cryptocurrency started in August 2017 that features hybrid Proof-of-Work (PoW) and a 12% Proof-of-Stake (PoS). The mining/PoW algorithm is SHA-256, making the mining best-suited to ASICs capable of mining Bitcoin.

CROC has a 30-second block target, which allows for exceptionally fast transfer times. The total coin supply will be 55 million (at the end of the PoW-phase several years from now) but is only approximately 3.48 million -- as of August 21, 2018.


The original developer, Gizzard, started CROC using the codebase of AntiBitcoin (ANTI), which in turn was a fork from Peercoin (PPC). The last post of the developer using that screen-name was in September 2017 and CROC has subsequently been steered by interested members of its community.

There have been plans afoot to rebase the code/wallet more directly from Peercoin (to benefit from updates that are more industry-standard in the cryptocurrency-space) but there seems to be community-interest to leave the wallet alone ("if it's not broken don't fix it"). So instead a more medium-term goal is to launch a related coin and distribute it one-for-one to CROC holders; this will be sort of a sand-boxed proof-of-concept that is intended to add functionality and address the hungry CPU/RAM usage. Past discussion has included establishing multi-signature wallets to fund ad-hoc projects; donation-levels for a given project would effectively gauge the interest level and establish a budget for the project.

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