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Altcoin Wiki is a wiki started by Satoshi Miner on December 16th 2013 to itch a scratch. It was first called Coinwiki. is not very well maintained, no active wiki community has been cultivated. Miner has a lot of experience building wikis and wiki communities so he wants to give it a try with a wiki about cryptocurrencies. You can find a lot of coins on

An Altcoin is a cryptocurrency that is not Bitcoin.


Altcoin Wiki is a wiki about cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Litecoin and many altcoins. It was started by Satoshi Miner on December 16th 2013 and we're currently working on 173 articles. The idea was grown out of a need for a more community oriented wiki. Also, you don't need to pay BTC to start editing here as long as you can tell cats from doges. Instead, if it ever becomes a (coin-monetary) success active editors will be sharing in the coins.

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