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The founder or developer of Burst is unknown, and it was founded back in 2014 with the prime motive of solving cryptocurrency related issues. Burst is probably the most environmentally friendly cryptocurrency, and this is precisely why it calls itself " the green innovative cryptocurrency." Burst has introduced or invented a new algorithm which is different from all the other algorithms used for verifying cryptocurrency transactions, because cryptocurrency is decentralized there is no bank or any officials behind it. So miners and their mining machines are used for verifying the transactions, and they are rewarded with the particular cryptocurrency for using their machines for mining. Proof of stake and proof of work are mostly used to mine various cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin and Ethereum however the new algorithm invented and used by Burst is known as proof of capacity.

Proof of capacity

Burst is the first and only coin which can be mined using the proof of capacity algorithm, the way proof of capacity works is by simply using free disk space. All you need to mine burst is a computer which can stay on for long hours and has enough free disk space. This concept does not need a lot of energy or energy consuming Graphic Processor Unit (GPU) or Central Processing Unit (CPU). Proof of capacity is also very beneficial for people who are looking to mine cryptocurrencies but have a very low budget, and it also avoids the criticism of wasting energy and damaging the environment by mining.

Comparing the proof of capacity with proof of work which is used by bitcoin, POW requires a lot of work to be put in in order to mine as numbers have to be entered continuously into the hashes to generate output. This increases costs since so much power is required which is provided by expensive mining machines and ASIC the software used for mining is also expensive. This is precisely why currencies like Bitcoin are mined by huge data farms however with proof of capacity the input of numbers has to be made only once. The input is then saved and is used for the other blocks, and this method is way more efficient and cost-effective or cheaper because not a lot of power is required to mine.

As a result, Burst can be mined by almost anyone since all it requires is the hard-drive power which is roughly 5 watts, it is actually less than charging your mobile phone. Burst also offers its own respected wallet which can be used on a web-browser as it is programmed using Java. Another excellent feature of Burst is encrypted communication which means you can keep your accounts encrypted or chat with other users on an encrypted network. Burst and another cryptocurrency named Qora partnered up and developed an atomic cross chain transaction, and this means that Burst and Qora can trade cross-platform with no Hindrance at all and no exchange or third party is needed, It is a 100% decentralized.


The unknown founder states “With “Burst 2.0”, a second-generation cryptocurrency, which fixes bugs of Bitcoin and Co. and offers its users a fair platform with plenty of space and flexibility for their own application development.” Bursts ultimate aim is to make a platform which is as decentralized as possible and with the invention of the proof of capacity algorithm anyone around the globe can start mining.