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Bitcoin Trading refers to two different meaning, the other one is trading with Bitcoin and trading Bitcoin as an asset.

Trading Bitcoin as an asset, you will make a prediction on Bitcoin’s price future movement, whether it will go up or down. Once you have decided on the trading option, you can simply purchase the position.

Day trading Bitcoin

A form of Bitcoin Trading is day trading. You can day trade fairly easily on any crypto-exchange. Most people who start daytrading have no idea what they are doing and many make no money day trading at all. It is important to have a good understanding of different strategies and figure out what works for you.

A technology many day-traders use is Technical Analysis. Although many Bitcoin holders think this is some kind of voodoo magic that can reveal the future, it is actually just a technique to forecast patterns of trade based on knowledge of mass-psychology. Technical Analysis is a well known technology used in many markets.

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