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How can we reward writers on Altcoin Wiki?

Several ideas

Pay crypto

Paying crypto is a good way to develop this wiki. It's likely to attract motivated writers. Unfortunately it's currently (Jan 2017) a bit difficult to pay crypto from the corporate structure.

Pay fiat

Paying fiat is easier to set up.

What's a fair price?

Author affiliate links

Allowing authors to add their own affiliate links is a nice way to attract writers. It's a bit of a gamble though, as most articles will not attract much traffic. Especially in the beginning.

It's also difficult in the long run, when more people work on the same article.

Token rewards

Token rewards can be very interesting. It's possible to game this of course, but that can be avoided as well.

One simple way to start this:

  • users put their BTC and/or ETH addresses on their user page
  • we create a bot that will go through edits and give a reward indication on the user page
  • if a threshold is reached BTC, ETH and/or our own token is sent to the user
  • edits need to be approved/patrolled by trusted admins
  • edits can be given value in proportion to the number of bytes added

Combination of the above


Satoshi Miner (talk) has been trying upwork to get some content, but the quality appeared too low thus far.